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1 April 2013

The Late Bronze Age Shipwreck off the islet of Modi (Poros)

Christos S. Agouridis Skyllis 11:2 (2011): 25-34.


The rocky islet of Modi is situated SE of Poros on a sea route very important for navigation in the region. On the north steep sloppy bottom of Modi, at a depth of 27-40 meters, the cargo of a Late Bronze Age shipwreck was discovered, during an underwater research project carried out by the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (HIMA), under the direction of the author. Preliminary research (2005-2007) and the systematic excavation with the geo-archaeological survey that followed (2009 and 2010) brought to light a significant assemblage of large transport vessels (pithoi, jars and hydriae), some of them intact and most of them in fragmentary condition. The site is dated to the LH III period (13th -12th c. BC) and together with the Mycenaean settlement excavated recently on Modi, stresses the important role that the islet would have hold as a maritime stopover during the latest critical phase of Aegean prehistory.


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