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25 March 2015

The Middle Minoan III Building Complex at Alonaki, Juktas. Architectural observations and pottery analysis

Alexandra Karetsou & Iro Mathioudaki Creta Antica 13 (2012) [2013], 83-107


The building complex at Alonaki is investigated here, and patterns of pottery production and consumption in particular, due to the belief that an overview of the pottery and architecture sheds light on the role that Alonaki played in the Middle Minoan III period. The site should be viewed in connection with the Anemospelia building and the peak sanctuary with which it forms a unique triad. The evidence of the pottery shows that the bulk of the assemblage should be placed chronologically in the mature MM IIIA period. A unit is also devoted to the ‘great South Road from Knossos’, as Evans calls it, a branch of which meets the Minoan road from Juktas.



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