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29 October 2011

The Mycenaean administration of textile production in the Palace of Knossos: Observations on the Lc(1) textile targets

Marie-Louise B. Nosch American Journal of Archaeology 115.4 (2011): 495-505.


The Linear B tablets from Knossos known as the Lc series record textile production targets for central and western Crete for a specific range of textiles called te-pa, pa-we-a, and tu-na-no. The production targets for wool textiles differed according to the groups assigned to fulfill the targets; these groups were designated according to ethnicity and occupation. A comparison of the total target for noncollector workers in central Crete with the individual targets suggests that the annual planned ta-rasi-ja production did not equal the mere sum of individual targets but constituted a predefined amount of cloth. This provides an answer to why only some places in Crete were submitted to the ta-ra-si-ja obligation; it also suggests that the target was only part of the textile-production obligations for work groups in Crete.


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