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13 December 2010

The ‘Mycenaeans’ in the central Mediterranean: a comparison between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian seaways

Alberto Cazzella & Giulia Recchia Pasiphae. Rivista di filologia e antichità egee 3 (2009) [2010]: 27-40.

Abstract (from the text)

The theme of the relationships of the peninsular Italy and adjacent islands communities with the Late Bronze Age seafarers coming from the eastern Mediterranean has been widely discussed from the beginning of the 21st c. AD. The last one is a paper by E. Blake, proposing a ‘minimalist’ view: we agree with her just as regards some points. It seems to us there is still place to discuss this theme, bearing in mind also the last archaeological findings, especially along the Adriatic side of the peninsula. The situation in the principal Italian seas, the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic, constituting two long corridors for the maritime exchange, is particularly compared. What more generally happened in the central Mediterranean during the same period however is taken into consideration. Consciously we use the synthetic term ‘Mycenaeans’ not so precisely, except for the most evident cases of areal distinction within the eastern Mediterranean.


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