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12 January 2013

The Origins of an Old Myth: Sir Arthur Evans, Claude Schaeffer and the Seismic Destruction of Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean Civilizations

Simon Jusseret & Manuel Sintubin Seismological Research Letters 84:1 (2013): 94-100.

From the introduction

In the history of earthquake archeology in the Mediterranean region, the names of Sir Arthur Evans (1851–1941) and Claude Schaeffer (1898–1982) have become intimately related to the formative stages of the discipline through their association with pioneering theories regarding the effects of earthquakes on ancient societies. Although strong parallels exist between Evans’ (1928) archeological interpretations at Knossos and Schaeffer’s (1948) fundamental principles, no evidence exists to date to support direct influence; nowhere in his work does Schaeffer (1948) refer to Evans’ (1928), Palace of Minos apart from discussing the chronological implications of “Minoan” (Cretan Bronze Age) material recovered from Near Eastern archeological contexts.

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