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15 February 2010

The perceived value of Minoan and Minoanizing pottery in Egypt

Caitlin E. Barrett Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 22.2 (December 2009): 211-234


This paper investigates the Egyptian valuation of imported Minoan and locally produced Minoanizing pottery: that is, why Egyptians found this pottery desirable, which Egyptians wanted it, and which were able to acquire it. In order to address these questions, this study first reviews the archaeological contexts of all Minoan and Minoanizing pottery in Egypt, and then compares this archaeological evidence to the textual and iconographic data on Egyptian attitudes towards Minoan goods. The results suggest that while ownership of this pottery may have carried some cultural cachet as a mark of cosmopolitan sensibilities, it was not restricted to the highest officials. Instead, the more widespread availability of Minoan and Minoanizing pottery may have enabled Egyptians from various socioeconomic backgrounds to participate in an internationalizing cultural milieu.


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