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15 November 2010

The provenance of some glass ingots from the Uluburun shipwreck

C.M. Jackson & P.T. Nicholson Journal of Archaeological Science 37.2 (February 2010): 295-301.


The discovery of a Late Bronze Age trading vessel at Uluburun near Kaş off the Turkish coast offers exciting possibilities for our understanding of Bronze Age trade. On board the ship was a large consignment of glass ingots that were assumed to originate either from Mesopotamia or Egypt. This paper presents the results of major and trace elemental analyses of three deep blue and turquoise glass ingots from the Uluburun wreck, and for the first time securely demonstrates that their composition is consistent with an Egyptian origin. The compositional similarity of the glass ingots to glasses from the Mycenaean world suggests that Egypt was exporting to that region via trading ships such as that from Uluburun.


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