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11 November 2012

The Zakynthos Archaeology Project. Preliminary report on the 2009 season

Gert Jan van Wijngaarden, Andreas Sotiriou, Vladimir Stissi, Anton Bonnier & Lyn Erisman Pharos XVII:2 (2009-2010): 165-182.


The 2009 campaign of the Zakynthos Archaeology Project took place in the area of Lithakia and Keri in the south-west of the island. The Landscape in this area is characterized by the Lake of Keri. The lake constitutes a good natural harbour and possesses natural sources of pitch, which, according to historical sources, have been used to repair ships. In addition, the area has many sources of fresh water. These favourable circumstances have contributed to a long history of occupation as was made clear by the archaeological survey. Traces of occupation from the Pal­aeolithic to the Roman period were attested. An important site was discovered at Lithakia-Kamaroti, where a concentration of Mycenaean-Archaic artifacts was found in association with wall remains at the surface.


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