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7 April 2013

„Unter Wasser segeln“ oder: Warum Troia erobert wurde

Karin Hornig Skyllis 11:2 (2011): 49-57.


The natural conditions that prevail in the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles have in later times made it difficult, though not impossible, for sailing vessels to pass these straits on their way to the Black Sea. This con­tribution argues that in earlier times ancient sailors had in fact known that the “Anaplous” was possible against the adverse northeast wind and surface current and without long delays by waiting for the rare south wind. The nautical trick needed to accomplish this feat must have been a well-guarded secret in the Late Bronze Age. It seems that Troy was the first to possess this crucial knowledge. It may have been the defense against other Aegean trading powers of this nautical key to the Black Sea”, more than other reasons that contributed to Troy’s downfall.


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