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1 May 2010

A provenance study of Mycenaean pottery from Northern Israel

Sharon Zuckerman, David Ben-Shlomo, Penelope A. Mountjoy & Hans Mommsen Journal of Archaeological Science 37.2 (February 2010): 409-416.


The occurrence of imported Mycenaean pottery in the Late Bronze Age southern Levant is one of the most conspicuous aspects of Eastern Mediterranean trade connections during this period. A group of 183 Mycenaean pottery vessels from 14 sites in northern Israel, from both coastal and inland settlement contexts were analyzed by Neutron Activation Analysis. The results indicate that the vast majority of these vessels have a similar profile and can be provenanced to the north-eastern Peloponnese or more specifically, to the Mycenae/Berbati workshop in the Argolid. Possible interpretations of these results are presented and discussed against the historical and cultural background of the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean.


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