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26 February 2012

Η «οφθαλμαπάτη» της στρωματογραφίας: Παραδείγματα από τη μαγούλα Ίμβρου Πηγάδι και το Σπήλαιο Θεόπετρας (The “illusion” of stratigraphy: The Neolithic sites of Imvrou Pigadi and Theopetra Cave)

Νίνα Κυπαρίσση-Αποστολίκα Anaskamma 5 (2011): 75-86.


In a stratigraphic sequence where layers usually succeed one another in a parallel sequence sometimes they are irregularly arranged in a way that the succession becomes inexplicable or even overturned. This paper describes some examples of such phenomena from my personal experience in open air Neolithic sites, like Imvrou Pigadi at the borders of Thessaly and Phthiotis, as well as of cave sites, like Theopetra in west Thessaly. Using certain examples it is discussed how in such cases we must be persistent in our dig of the stratigraphic phenomenon, otherwise we are leaded in a wrong interpretation of it. In such cases, a wider excavating approach usually permits safer results and interpretations which can not be obtained through the investigation of a narrow stratigraphic section which can give only local phenomena not necessarily representative of the whole site. In caves such phenomena are even more complicated as they are influenced by geological factors often not apparent in open-air excavations.

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