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8 January 2016

LH III burial rites in Elis (in Greek)

Κωνσταντίνος Νικολέντζος In P. Adam-Veleni & K. Tzanavari (eds), Δινήεσσα: τιμητικός τόμος για την Κατερίνα Ρωμιοπούλου (Thessaloniki 2012): 55-68


The LHIII is the period of flourishing and economical growth of Elis. Extended burial contexts demonstrate that the Alpheios river and its tributaries were densely populated, indicating the process of collection and transport of goods to the mouth of Alpheios river in the Ionian sea, as well as towards the inland of the Peloponnese. Some other significant cemeteries are located at the mountainous inland, nearby Achaia and Arca-dia, incorporated to a specific cultural entity, called NW Peloponnese Culture or Koine. During LHIII the inhumations take place in a) chamber tombs, b) pit graves, c) unfinished dromoi or hybrid grave, d) pithos burials (Mageiras) and a case of a burial intra muros (in Phigaleia). The major goal of this article is to present the burial rites, connected to the above mentioned grave types. The location of the dead inside the tombs, the posture of the inhumations, the offerings, the way the humans are facing and dealing with the unexpected and not accepted phenomenon of the Death are some of the additional aims of this article. Moreover studying the burial data can lead to crucial conclusions, regarding the social structure, the hierarchy and the ideology of the Elean society.


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