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BOOKS | 2013

29 March 2014

Ancient Corinthia. From prehistoric times to the end of antiquity

Edited by Konstantinos Kissas

Ancient Corinthia. From prehistoric times to the end of antiquity

City: Athens

Year: 2013

Publisher: Foinikas Publications

Description: Paperback, 173 p., numerous colour and b/w figures in text, 27x21.2 cm

From the preface

The idea of publishing a collective volume on the archaeological sites and monuments of Corinthia was born of the need to fill the gap existing in the relevant bibliography. However, our concern was not to write a run-of-the-mill tourist guidebook, like those on sale to visitors in the museums, but to present the monuments and their history in such a way as to enhance Corinthia’s outstanding place in the ancient world. From the outset, our goal was to produce a monumental possession for all time, as well as a tool for all those who struggle for the development of Corinthia today, by promoting its treasures.

The present volume endeavours to present the archaeological wealth of Corinthia in a comprehensive and comprehensible manner, thus making this wealth accessible to the layman. The antiquities are discussed in twenty chapters, which include many more archaeological sites. We have tried to keep to a specific geographical course, which starts from the north border of Corinthia, continues northeast, after the capital, then moves southwards from the east and returns north to the centre of the prefecture, where Sikyon is located. Mountainous Corinthia follows and the tour ends at the western boundaries of the prefecture, at Eurostine with the outport of the Achaean city of Aigeira at Mavra Litharia, which today lies within the boundaries of the prefecture of Corinthia.


Konstantinos Kissas, Preface [ix]

Vassiliki Pliatsika, The Heraion of Perachora [1]

Maria Gkioni, Krommyon [10]

Vassilios Tasinos, Isthmia [13]

The Sanctuary of Poseidon [14]
The fortifications [24]
The settlements [25]
The cemeteries [27]
The quarries [28]
The Diolkos [29]

Paraskevi Evangeloglou, Kenchreai [31]

Socrates S. Koursoumis, Corinth [39]

Socrates S. Koursoumis, Lechaion [61]
Kyriaki Tsirtsi, Acrocorinth [62]
Vassilios Tasinos, Recent evidence from excavations [62]

Paraskevi Evangeloglou, Dorati [72]

Giorgos Giannakopoulos & Konstantinos Kissas Tenea [75]

Kyriaki Tsirtsi, Klenia Cave [84]

Vassilios Tasinos, Eastern Corinthia [85]

Solygeia [85]
Almyri (Bechris hill) [86]
Korphos (Kalamianos) [87]

Giorgos Giannakopoulos, Kleonai [89]

Christina Pipilou, Nemea [99]

Ancient Nemea (The Sanctuary of Zeus, the Stadium) [99]
Prehistoric Nemea (Tsoungiza, Agia Eirini, Aidonia, Petri) [104]

Demetra Sarri, Phlious [109]

Recent evidence from excavations [111]

Vassilios Papathanasiou, Sikyon [113]

Settlements [115]
The fortification works [118]
The city and its monuments [119]
The quarries [125]
The arts [125]
Elena Maragoudaki, Recent evidence from excavations [127]

Vassilios Papathanasiou, Lechova Cave [130]

Vassilios Papathanasiou, Titane [132]

Athanasios Tsiogas, Stymphalia [135]

Konstantinos Kissas, Pheneos [139]

Vassilios Papathanasiou, Pellene [147]

Athanasios Tsiogas, Pitsa Cave [150]

Demetra Sarri & Vassilios Papathanasiou, Eurostine [152]

Recent evidence from excavations [152]
Derveni [152]
Demetra Sarri, Roman bathhouse [152]
Demetra Sarri, Early Helladic settlement [153]
Mavra Litharia [154]
Demetra Sarri, Hellenistic-Roman cemetery [154]
Vassilios Papathanasiou, Roman harbour [155]

Bibliography [169]

Illustrations credits [173]


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