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6 April 2016

Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries

Michael B. Cosmopoulos

Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries

City: Cambridge

Year: 2015

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Description: Hardback, 241 p., 79 b/w figures, 1 map, 26.1 x 18.3 cm


For more than one thousand years, people from every corner of the Greco-Roman world sought the hope for a blessed afterlife through initiation into the Mysteries of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis. In antiquity itself and in our memory of antiquity, the Eleusinian Mysteries stand out as the oldest and most venerable mystery cult. Despite the tremendous popularity of the Eleusinian Mysteries, their origins are unknown. Because they are lost in an era without written records, they can only be reconstructed with the help of archaeology. This book provides a much-needed synthesis of the archaeology of Eleusis during the Bronze Age and reconstructs the formation and early development of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The discussion of the origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries is complemented with discussions of the theology of Demeter and an update on the state of research in the archaeology of Eleusis from the Bronze Age to the end of antiquity. 


List of figures [xi]

Preface [xv]

Abbreviations [xvii]

Introduction [1]

Part I. Myth and Cult

1. Myths and legends [7]

2. The theology of Demeter at Eleusis [12]

Part II. The Site and its Exploration:

3. Landscape and environment [27]

4. The exploration of Eleusis [34]

Part III. The Archaeology and Monuments of Eleusis

5. Early Bronze Age [43]

6. Middle Bronze Age [48]

7. Early Mycenaean [78]

8. The period of the palaces (LH IIIA2 to LH IIIB) [107]

9. The post-palatial period [127]

10. The post-Bronze Age history of the Sanctuary [132]

Part IV. The Origins and Early Development of the Eleusinian Mysteries

11. Theories about the origins of the Mysteries [155]

12. The origins and early development of the Eleusinian Mysteries [160]

Chronological Table [167]

Notes [169]

Bibliography [195]

Index [223]


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