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6 November 2015

Economy and Administration in Mycenaean Greece. Collected Papers on Linear B

John T. Killen - edited by M. del Freo

Economy and Administration in Mycenaean Greece. Collected Papers on Linear B

City: Rome

Year: 2015

Publisher: CNR, Istituto di studi sul Medterraneo antico

Series: Incunabula Graeca CIV:1-3

Description: Hardback, 1288 p., 3 vols, numerous figures. Vol. Ι: xxvi & 460 p.; Vol. ΙΙ: viii & 390 p.; Vol. ΙΙΙ: viii & 396 p.


The book collects John Killen’s articles on the Mycenaean palace economy. The collection is divided into three volumes (I: 1962-1985, II: 1986-2003, III: 2004-2012) and includes 73 items from a total of = 120 published from 1962 to 2012 plus 2 unpublished articles. The third volume contains a concordance with the original publications as well as three indexes (Words, Ideograms and Texts). The book is published with the generous financial support of the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, Philadelphia, and Jesus College, Cambridge.


Volume I
Contents [VII]
Foreword [IX]
Abbreviations [XIII]
Bibliography of John T. Killen [XVII]
Chapter I – Mycenaean po-ka: A Suggested Interpretation [1]
Chapter II – The WOOL Ideogram in Linear B Texts [9]
Chapter III – Mycenaean po-ka: A Further Note [39]
Chapter IV – Some Adjuncts to the Sheep Ideogram on Knossos Tablets [45]
Chapter V – The Wool Industry of Crete in the Late Bronze Age [67]
Chapter VI – The Abbreviation tu on Knossos Woman Tablets [85]
Chapter VII – The Knossos Lc (Cloth) Tablets [93]
Chapter VIII – The Knossos Nc Tablets [101]
Chapter IX – Minoan Woolgathering: A Reply [109]
Chapter X – The Knossos o-pi Tablets [131]
Chapter XI – 155 raccords de fragments dans les tablettes de Cnossos [only L 593 + X 8587] [141]
Chapter XII – Minoan Woolgathering: A Reply, II [145]
Chapter XIII – Two Notes on the Knossos Ak Tablets [163]
Chapter XIV – A Problem in the Knossos Lc(l) (Cloth) Tablets [181]
Chapter XV – Linear B a-ko-ra-ja/-jo [193]
Chapter XVI – The Knossos Texts and the Geography of Mycenaean Crete [205]
Chapter XVII – The Knossos Ld (1) Tablets [215]
Chapter XVIII – The Linear B Tablets and Economic History: Some Problems [247]
Chapter XIX – Some Puzzles in a Mycenae Personnel Record [251]
Chapter XX – TA and DA [263]
Chapter XXI – Mycenaean Possessive Adjectives in -e-jo [271]
Chapter XXII – On the Mycenae Ge Tablets [307]
Chapter XXIII – PY An 1 [327]
Chapter XXIV – Last Year’s Debts on the Pylos Ma Tablets [339]
Chapter XXV – The Textile Industries at Pylos and Knossos [357]
Chapter XXVI – New Readings in the Linear B Tablets from Knossos [375]
Chapter XXVII – Linear B Sign *115 on KN Ws 1703: Commodity or Weight? [385]
Chapter XXVIII – The Linear B Tablets and the Mycenaean Economy [393]

Volume II
Contents [VII]
Chapter XXIX – Two Mycenaean Words [461]
Chapter XXX – Notes on the Knossos Tablets [469]
Chapter XXXI – Piety Begins at Home: Place-names on Knossos Records of Religious Offerings [485]
Chapter XXXII – Bronzeworking at Knossos and Pylos [503]
Chapter XXXIII – Epigraphy and Interpretation in Knossos woman and cloth Records [517] Chapter XXXIV – Observations on the Knossos Tablet Ap 629 [537]
Chapter XXXV – Names in -i on the Knossos Tablets [547]
Chapter XXXVI – Observations on the Thebes Sealings [563]
Chapter XXXVII – The Oxen’s Names on the Knossos Ch Tablets [581]
Chapter XXXVIII – Ke-u-po-da e-sa-re-u and the Exemptions on the Pylos Na Tablets [591] Chapter XXXIX – Records of Sheep and Goats at Mycenaean Knossos and Pylos [609]
Chapter XL – Thebes Sealings, Knossos Tablets, and Mycenaean State Banquets [621]
Chapter XLI – a-ma e-pi-ke-re [641]
Chapter XLII – Some Further Thoughts on ‘Collectors’[649]
Chapter XLIII – Administering a Mycenaean Kingdom: Some Taxing Problems [663]
Chapter XLIV – Thebes Sealings and Knossos Tablets [only Appendices I to III] [667]
Chapter XLV – The Find-Places of the Tablets from the Western Magazines at Knossos: Some Matters Arising [673]
Chapter XLVI – Mycenaean te-ko-to-(n)a-pe [685]
Chapter XLVII – John Chadwick [695]
Chapter XLVIII – The Rôle of the State in Wheat and Olive Production in Mycenaean Crete [701]
Chapter XLIX – The Pylos Ta Tablets Revisited [709]
Chapter L – Mycenaean o-pa [713]
Contents of Volumes I-III 1245 Chapter LI – New Readings and Interpretations in the Pylos Tablets [733]
Chapter LII – Some Observations on the New Thebes Tablets [747]
Chapter LIII – Two Notes on Linear B [753]
Chapter LIV – A Note on Pylos Tablet Un 1482 [763]
Chapter LV – A Note on Knossos Tablet L 5561 [771]
Chapter LVI – Religion at Pylos: The Evidence of the Fn Tablets [777]
Chapter LVII – The earliest writers of Greek [789]
Chapter LVIII – Some Thoughts on ta-ra-si-ja [801]
Chapter LIX – The Wm Nodules from Knossos [825]
Chapter LX – Pylos Tablet Va 482 [835]

Volume III
Contents [VII]
Chapter LXI – Wheat, Barley, Flour, Olives and Figs on Linear B Tablets [851]
Chapter LXII – Names in -e and -e-u in Mycenaean Greek [873]
Chapter LXIII – Notes on the Knossos Saffron Records [895]
Chapter LXIV – Thoughts on the functions of the new Thebes tablets [905]
Chapter LXV – The subjects of the wanax: aspects of Mycenaean social structure [939]
Chapter LXVI – Conscription and Corvée at Mycenaean Pylos [955]
Chapter LXVII – Cloth Production in Late Bronze Age Greece: the Documentary Evidence [973]
Chapter LXVIII – ‘Followers’ and ‘Watchers’ at Pylos and Knossos [985]
Chapter LXIX – Critique: A View from the Tablets [993]
Chapter LXX – Mycenaean e-re-e-u [1001]
Chapter LXXI – The Commodities on the Pylos Ma Tablets [1013]
Chapter LXXII – Mycenaean economy [1033]
Chapter LXXIII – The two provinces of Pylos revisited [1077]
Chapter LXXIV – The Language of Religious Texts: Some Fresh Thoughts on Old Problems [1107]
Chapter LXXV – A Note on Knossos Tablet V [1135]

Errata corrige [1143]
Concordance with the original publications [1153]
Indexes [1161]
a. Index of words [1163]
b. Index of ideograms [1197]
c. Index of texts [1205]
Contents of volumes I-III [1243]


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