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9 June 2012

Enkomi.The Excavations of Porphyrios Dikaios 1948-1958. Supplementary Catalogue of Finds

Vassos Karageorghis (with a chapter by Nicolle Hirschfeld)

Enkomi.The Excavations of Porphyrios Dikaios 1948-1958. Supplementary Catalogue of Finds

City: Nicosia

Year: 2011

Publisher: A.G. Leventis Foundation

Description: Hardback, 125 p., b/w illustrations


The Late Bronze Age civilization of Cyprus owes much to Porphyrios Dikaios, who excavated at Enkomi between 1948 and 1958 on behalf of the Department of Antiquities. Two volumes of text, one of plates and another of plans and sections were published by him (Philipp von Zabern Verlag, Mainz-am Rhein) in 1969 and 1971. Since then the international archaeological community has been profiting considerably from the mine of information which is contained in this publication.

The ten campaigns of excavations carried out between 1948 and 1958 have brought to light an enormous amount of archaeological material. Some of it was not included in the final publication for various reasons, mainly because it was not treated or mended in time for publication. The present Director of the Cyprus Department of Antiquities Dr Maria Hadjicosti, who made detailed lists of it, asked Vassos Karageorghis to undertake its publication. This material, which is as important as that which was published by Dikaios, includes terracotta figurines, vases, loomweights, beads, stone objects, bronze objects, wall brackets, lamps, clay masks, a rich collection of potmasks etc, which add considerably to our knowledge of the material culture of the Late Cypriote Bronze Age. With a grant from the A. G. Leventis Foundation and the Institute for Aegean Prehistory (New York), its publication was made possible. Professor Vassos Karageorghis studied the bulk of the material and Dr Nicolle Hirschfeld has studied the potmasks, 53 of them. Every object is illustrated in colour and there are also numerous drawings.


Introduction [9]

Acknowledgements [12]

1. Terracotta anthropomorphic figurines of the LC III and later periods [13]

2. Mycenaean chariot group figurine [16]

3. Zoomorphic rhyta, figures and figurines [16]

4. Large Cypro-Archaic II female head  [20]

5. Anthropomorphic clay masks [21]

6. Miscellanea [22]

7. Terracotta loomweights [23]

8. Loomweights of unbaked clay [26]

9. Various terracotta beads or loomweights [27]

10. Sling bullets of unbaked clay [28]

11. Disk-shaped stoppers [29]

12. Torches [29]

13. Plain ware dippers [30]

14. Clay wall brackets [30]

15. Clay lamps [34]

16. Small limestone chest [34]

17. Stone mortars [35]

18. Unfinished stone cylinder seals [35]

19. Stone beads [36]

20. Stone spindle whorls [37]

21. Bone or ivory objects [37]

22. Faience or glass beads [38]

23. Metal objects [38]

24. Potters’ marks and potmarks (Nicolle Hirschfeld) [42]

Abbreviations [59]

Bibliography [59]

Concordance of Enkomi registration numbers and object numbers in this volume [63]

General Index [73]

Plates  [77]


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