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BOOKS | 2009

1 March 2010

Euboea and Central Greece

Edited by Andreas G. Vlachopoulos

Euboea and Central Greece

City: Athens

Year: 2009

Publisher: Melissa Publishing House

Series: Archaeology

Description: Hardback, 472 p., 767 b/w and colour ill., maps, 39,7x25,4 cm


The second volume Euboea and Central Greece in the series Archaeology completes the circumnavigation of the Aegean islands presented in the first volume; it then moves westwards towards the Ionian Sea, covering the southern part of the Greek Mainland, the region known today as Central Greece or Sterea Ellada. During historical times, this wide geographical region was not a discreet entity with a specific name, as were Thessaly, Epirus or the Peloponnese. Nevertheless, the prefectures of Central Greece (Attica, Boeotia, Phthiotis, Eurytania, Phocis, Aetoloakarnania), that is, the modern administrative-geographical districts, coincide for the greater part of their territory with the ancient regions that in Antiquity were defined as lands of ‘ethne’ or tribes. For this reason the book has been structured on the basis of the modern prefectures of Central Greece, adapting within their archaeological and historical examination the adjacent parts of the territory of each ancient ‘chora’. The authors contributing to this volume are thirty-five archaeologists from the relevant Ephorates of Antiquities, university professors and distinguished scholars in the disciplines of Archaeology and History of the ancient world.





Geology – Palaeontology – Cave Environment

Athanassios Athanassiou, ‘Geology – Palaeontology’ [18-23].

Aikaterini Kyparissi-Apostolika, ‘Caves and cave environment’ [24-41].



Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki, ‘Euboea: Historical and archaeological background’ [44-55].

Stelios E. Katakis & Vangelis Nikolopoulos, ‘Northern Euboea’ [56-61].

Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki, ‘Chalkis’ [62-67].

Irene Lemos, ‘Lefkandi’ [68-69].

Pierre Ducrey & Athanasia Psalti, ‘Eretria’ [70-77].

Athina Chatzidimitriou, ‘Eretrian territory and its demoi’ [78-83].

Maria Chidiroglou, ‘South Karystia’ [84-91].



Olga Kakavogianni, ‘Attica: Historical and archaeological background. Prehistoric times’ [94-103].

Angelos P. Matthaiou, ‘Attica: Historical and archaeological background. Historical times’ [104-127].

Panos Valavanis, ‘Athens’ [128-149].

George Steinhauer, ‘Piraeus’ [150-155].

George Steinhauer, ‘Attic Demoi’ [156-173].

Lydia Palaiokrassa-Kopitsa, ‘Sanctuaries of Attica’ [174-199].

Pandelis Zoridis, ‘Megara’ [200-205].

Effie Baziotopoulou-Valavani, ‘Megaris’ [206-211].



Vassilis L. Aravantinos, ‘Beoetia: Historical and archaeological background’ [214-227].

Alexandra Charami, ‘Tanagra and Tanagraike’ [228-233].

Vassilis L. Aravantinos, ‘Thebes’ [234-247].

Elena Kountouri, ‘Orchomenos – Kopais’ [248-253].

Elena Kountouri, ‘Chaironeia’ [254-259].

Margherita Bonanno-Aravantinou, ‘The Helikon and its environs’ [260-269].



Fanouria Dakoronia, ‘Phthiotis: Historical and archaeological background’ [272-273].

Fanouria Dakoronia, ‘East Lokris’ [274-291].

Fanouria Dakoronia, ‘Northeast Phokis’ [292-301].

Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier, ‘Kalapodi. The Sanctuary of Apollo at Abai’ [302-305].

Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy, ‘Elateia’ [306-309].

Fanouria Dakoronia, ‘Doris’ [310-315].

Maria-Fotini Papakonstantinou, ‘The Spercheios valley. Malis – Oitaia – Ainis’ [316-325].

Polyxeni Bougia, ‘Achaia Phthiotis’ [326-333].



Fanouria Dakoronia, ‘Eurytania: Historical and archaeological background’ [336-345].



Despoina Skorda, ‘Phokis: Historical and archaeological background’ [346-353].

Photis Dassios, ‘Lilaia. A Phokian city at the headwaters of the Kephissos’ [354-357].

Jean-François Bommelaer, ‘Delphi’ [358-375].

Despoina Skorda, ‘Hiera Chora. The area of Delphi’ [376-381].

Anthoula Tsaroucha, ‘Ancient West Lokris’ [382-385].



Maria Stavropoulou-Gatsi, ‘Aetolia and Akarnania’ [388-389].

Photeini Saranti, ‘Aetolia: From the River Evinos to the River Mornos΄ [390-397].

Maria Stavropoulou-Gatsi, ‘Aetolia: From the River Evinos to the River Acheloos and Mount Panaitolikon. From the Vardousia mountains to the Mornos river’ [398- 407].

Ioannis A. Papapostolou, ΄Thermos΄ [408-413].

Maria Stavropoulou-Gatsi, ‘Akarnania. Historical and archaeological background’ [414-425].

Maria Stavropoulou-Gatsi & Ernst-Ludwig Schwandner, ‘Stratos. The first capital of the Koinon of Akarnanias’ [426-429].

Ernst-Ludwig Schwandner, ‘Palairos. The northeast centre of the Akarnanians’ [430-431].

Eleftheria Serbeti & Maria Stavropoulou-Gatsi, ‘Oiniadai’ [432-439].


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