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26 March 2020

Exploring a Terra Incognita on Crete. Recent Research on Bronze Age Habitation in the Southern Ierapetra Isthmus

Edited by Konstantinos Chalikias & Emilia Oddo

Exploring a Terra Incognita on Crete. Recent Research on Bronze Age Habitation in the Southern Ierapetra Isthmus

City: Philadelphia

Year: 2019

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Description: Paperback, 143 p., numerous b/w and color figures, 15.5 x 23 cm


This book brings together for the first time scholars working on the Bronze Age settlement patterns and material culture of the southern Ierapetra Isthmus, a region that actively participated in the coastal and maritime trade networks of East Crete. During the past few decades, while various archaeological projects focused on the northern isthmus, the Ierapetra area remained largely neglected and unknown, a terra incognita. Yet, new excavations at Gaidourophas, Anatoli Stavromenos, Chryssi Island, Bramiana, and the ongoing research at the site of Myrtos Pyrgos are showing that the coastal area of Ierapetra was a vibrant and thriving settlement landscape during the Bronze Age. Far from being simply on the periphery of the major Minoan centers, the southern Ierapetra Isthmus played important roles in the cultural dynamics of Crete. Aiming to be the first building block in the development of an archaeological understanding of the region of the southern Ierapetra Isthmus, this book presents the status of the discipline and indicates future research trajectories


List of Table and Figures [vii-xi]
Preface [xiii-xviii]


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1. The Final Neolithic to Early Minoan I Transition in the Ierapetra Isthmus [1-26]
Krzysztof Nowicki

2. Aphrodite’s Kephali and the Initial Stages of the Minoan Period in the Isthmus of Ierapetra [27-46]
Philip P. Betancourt

3. Consuming in Style(s): Patterns of Intra-site Variability in Tableware at Neopalatial Myrtos Pyrgos [47-67]
Emilia Oddo

4. Evidence for the Settlement of Bramiana [69-78]
Vili Apostolakou, Thomas M. Brogan, Eleni Nodarou, Florence S.C. Hsu, Amie Gluckman, Sydney R. Sarasin, Lily Bonga & Philip P. Betancourt

5. Minoan Land-Use Patterns and Landscape Transformation in the Mountains of the Ierapetra Area: The Building at Gaidourophas [79-95]
Yiannis Papadatos & Konstantinos Chalikias

6. A Bronze Age Fishing Village on Chryssi [97-109]
Thomas M. Brogan, Dimitra Mylona, Vili Apostolakou, Philip P. Betancourt & Chrysa Sofianou

7. Death on the Isthmus: Late Minoan IIIA–IIIB Tombs of the Mirabello Bay and Ierapetra Areas [111-129]
R. Angus K. Smith

8. Conclusion: Exploring a Small Terra Incognita [131-143]
Gerald Cadogan


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