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BOOKS | 2014

8 November 2014

In Search of Agamemnon: Early Travellers to Mycenae

Dudley Moore, Edward Rowlands & Nektarios Karadimas

In Search of Agamemnon: Early Travellers to Mycenae

City: Cambridge

Year: 2014

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Description: Hardback, 174 p., 34 b/w figures, 21,5x15 cm


Although many books focus on the fascinating story of Heinrich Schliemann, little has been written on Mycenae before his excavations. This book, therefore, fills this gap. It looks at the English-speaking pioneers who visited the citadel at Mycenae before Schliemann, providing additional biographic references in the footnotes (and bibliography and associated sources). The book’s primary purpose is to bring back to life the thoughts of these pioneers on Mycenae. It is also a reflection on dating theories of the site during the nineteenth century. At that time, the general consensus concerning the beginning of the ‘Greek world’ was the classical civilisation of the fifth century BC. This was not the view of many of these travellers.The ancients too had a fascination with Mycenae. The Homeric tales of Agamemnon, King of Mycenae, led to popular sixth and fifth century BC plays from the likes of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. But what did these ancient writers and later travellers, such as Pausanias, actually see? Finally, there is a need to be reminded of some of the ‘pioneer’ travellers to Mycenae and their descriptions of the Lion Gate citadel and the ‘Treasury of Atreus’, as they are of particular historical interest. Not only that, but some of these observations are pure poetry and a delight to read.


List of figures

Introduction [1]

Chapter One: Ancient Greek and Roman Travellers to Mycenae [9]

Homer and Mycenae [10]
Mycenae in the fifth century B.C. [12]
Mycenae after the departure of Argos [22]
Pausanias (second century AD) [25]
Agamemnon and Sparta [31]

Chapter Two: Greece and the Grand Tour [37]

The Grand Tour [37]
Dating [40]

Chapter Three: British and Irish Travellers 1760-1809 [45]

Chapter Four: British and Irish Travellers 1810-1834 [77]

Chapter Five: British and Irish Travellers 1835-1877[103]

Chapter Six: American Travellers [137]

Conclusion [151]

Appendix: Extract on description of Mycenae from Murray’s Handbook for Travellers in Greece, 1854: 260-262 [155]



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