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19 December 2014

KE-RA-ME-JA. Studies Presented to Cynthia W. Shelmerdine

Edited by Dimitris Nakassis, Joan Gulizio & Sarah A. James

KE-RA-ME-JA. Studies Presented to Cynthia W. Shelmerdine

City: Philadelphia/Pennsylvania

Year: 2014

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Series: Prehistory Monographs 46

Description: Hardback, 336 p., 23 b/w tables, 30 b/w figures, 29x22 cm

From the preface

The title of this volume, ke-ra-me-ja, is a woman’s name that appears only once in the extant Mycenaean documentation, on Knossos Ap 639, a catalog of named women. We chose it because it means “potter” (Κεράμεια, from Greek κέραμος, “potter’s clay”) and combines two major strands of Cynthia Shelmerdine’s many scholarly pursuits: Mycenaean ceramics and Linear Β texts. It thereby signals her pioneering use of archaeological and textual data in a sophisticated and integrated way.

Like Cynthia, it is also one of a kind. The intellectual content of the essays presented to her in this volume demonstrate not only that her research has had a wide-ranging influence, but also that it is a model of scholarship to be emulated. The fact that the authors contributed in the first place is a testament to her warm and generous friendship. We hope that the papers in this volume both pay tribute to her past work and prove fruitful to Cynthia in her many continuing endeavors.


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List of Figures in the Text [ix]
Dimitri Nakassis, Joann Gulizio, and Sarah A. James, Preface [xiii]
Susan Shelmerdine, Biography of Cynthia W. Shelmerdine [xv]
Bibliography of Cynthia W. Shelmerdine [xvii]
List of Abbreviations [xxi]


1. Oliver Dickinson, Late Helladic I Revisited: The Kytheran Connection [3-15]

2. Kim S. Shelton, Wine, Women, and Song . . . The LH IIIA:2 Kylix at Petsas House, Mycenae [17-32]

3. Michael L. Galaty, Potted at the Palace: A Reanalysis of Late Helladic III Pottery from the Palace of Nestor by
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry [33-40]

4. Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy, A Very Underestimated Period: The Submycenaean Phase of Early Greek Culture [41-52]

5. Jeremy B. Rutter, The Canaanite Transport Amphora within the Late Bronze Age Aegean: A 2013 Perspective on a Frequently Changing Picture [53-69]


6. William A. Parkinson & Daniel J. Pullen, The Emergence of Craft Specialization on the Greek Mainland [73-81]

7. Thomas G. Palaima, Pylos Tablet Vn 130 and the Pylos Perfume Industry [83-90]

8. Marie-Louise Nosch, Voicing the Loom: Women, Weaving, and Plotting by [91-101]

9. Robert Schon, Chariot Makers at Pylos [103-111]


10.  Joann Gulizio & Dimitri Nakassis, The Minoan Goddess(es): Textual Evidence for Minoan Religion [115-128]

11. Janice L. Crowley, Beehives and Bees in Gold Signet Ring Designs [129-139]

12. Lisa M. Bendall, Gifts to the Goddesses: Pylian Perfumed Olive Oil Abroad? [141-162]

13. Susan Lupack, Offerings for the Wanax in the Fr Tablets: Ancestor Worship and the Maintenance of Power in Mycenaean Greece [163-177]

14. Carlos Varias Garcia, Snakes in the Mycenaean Texts? On the Interpretation of the Linear Β Term e-pe-to-i [179-188]


15. Michael J. Boyd, The Development of the Bronze Age Funerary Landscape of Nichoria [191-208]

16. Joanne Murphy, The Varying Place of the Dead in Pylos [209-221]

17. Stavroula Nikoloudis, Working the Land: Ka-ma Plots at Pylos [223-237]

18. Sharon R. Stocker & Jack L. Davis, “Re-excavating” the Palace of Nestor: The Hora Apotheke Reorganization Project [239-248


19. Massimo Perna, The Birth of Administration and Writing in Minoan Crete: Some Thoughts on Hieroglyphics and Linear A [251-259]

20. Nicolle Hirschfeld, Signs of Writing? Red Lustrous Wheelmade Vases and Ashkelon Amphorae [261-269]

21. John Bennet & Paul Halstead, O-no! Writing and Righting Redistribution [271-282]

22. Jose L. Garcia Ramon, Two Personal Names (Dative me-to-re-i and o-po-re-i) and a Place Name (Directive me-to-re-ja-de) in Mycenaean Thebes [283-292]

23. Richard Firth, Considering the Population Statistics of the Sheep Listed in the East-West Corridor Archive at Knossos [293-304]

24. Carol Thomas, Homer and Mycenae: 81 Years Later [305-312]

List of Contributors [313]


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