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BOOKS | 2014

17 January 2015

Making Αncient Cities: Space and Place in Early Urban Societies

Edited by Andrew M.T. Creekmore III & Kevin D. Fisher

Making Αncient Cities: Space and Place in Early Urban Societies

City: New York

Year: 2014

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Description: Hardback, xxi & 419 p., 69 b/w illustrations, 12 maps, 26x18,2 cm


This volume investigates how the structure and use of space developed and changed in cities, and examines the role of different societal groups in shaping urbanism. Culturally and chronologically diverse case studies provide a basis to examine recent theoretical and methodological shifts in the archaeology of ancient cities. The book’s primary goal is to examine how ancient cities were made by the people who lived in them. The authors argue that there is a mutually constituting relationship between urban form and the actions and interactions of a plurality of individuals, groups, and institutions, each with their own motivations and identities. Space is therefore socially produced as these agents operate in multiple spheres.


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Preface [xxi]

1. Kevin D. Fisher & Andrew T. Creekmore III, Making ancient cities: new perspectives on the production of urban places [1]

2. Andrew T. Creekmore III, The social production of space in third millennium cities of Upper Mesopotamia [32]

3. Yoko Nishimura, North Mesopotamian urban neighborhoods at Titriş Höyük in the third millennium BC [74]

4. Stephanie Wynne-Jones & Jeffrey Fleisher, Swahili urban spaces of the East African coast [111]

5. Aline Magnoni, Traci Ardren, Scott Hutson & Bruce Dahlin, The production of space and identity at classic period Chunchucmil, Yucatán, Mexico [145]

6. Kevin D. Fisher, Making the first cities on Cyprus: urbanism and social change in the Late Bronze Age [181]

7. Rodney D. Fitzsimons, Urbanization and the emergence of the Greek polis: the case of Azoria, Crete [220]

8. D. Matthew Buell, The rise of a Minoan city and the (re)structuring of its hinterlands: a view from Galatas [257]

9. John E. Kelly and James A. Brown, Cahokia: the processes and principles of the creation of an early Mississippian city [292]

10. Anna Razeto, Comparing east and west: aspects of urban manufacture and retail in the capitals of the Roman and Han empires [337]

11. Barbara L. Stark, Ancient open space, gardens, and parks: a comparative discussion of Mesoamerican urbanism [370]

12. Norman Yoffee, Different cities [407]


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