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23 January 2012

Material Connections in the Ancient Mediterranean. Mobility, Materiality and Identity

Edited by Peter Van Dommelen & A. Bernard Knapp

Material Connections in the Ancient Mediterranean. Mobility, Materiality and Identity

City: London/New Yok

Year: 2011

Publisher: Routledge

Description: Paperback, xvi & 256 p., illustrated throughout with b/w figures, 23,3x15,5 cm


Material Connections in the Ancient Mediterranean explores the social identity of prehistoric and historic Mediterranean peoples through the combined lenses of materiality, migration, colonial encounters, hybridisation and connectivity or insularity. Whereas Mediterranean archaeology has traditionally focused on excavating major sites, isolating cultural ‘firsts’ and describing fine artworks, the main resource of this collection is the material culture of everyday life: this allows the authors to look well beyond the rather narrow lens of archival, epigraphic and literary written evidence.

The volume moves beyond established approaches and engages actively with the interrelated issues of colonialism, material culture and identity on a comparative basis. The authors explore in particular how ‘things’ mediate the experience or ancient Mediterranean peoples, and how these relations are shaped and informed by long-term collective memories of movement, colonisation or localisation. By analysing concepts like migration, materiality, identity and connectivity, the authors breathe new life into theoretical and methodological approaches, and foster new dialogues and understandings of trans-regional and trans-cultural practices.


List of figures [vii]
List of tables [x]
List of contributors [xi]
Preface [xv]

A. Bernard Knapp & Peter Van Dommelen, ‘Material connections: mobility, materiality and Mediterranean identities’ [1-18]

Carlos Canete, ‘Classifying an oxymoron. On black boxes, materiality and identity in the scientific representation of the Mediterranean’ [19-37]

Alicia Jimenez, ‘Reproducing difference: mimesis and colonialism in Roman Hispania’ [38-63]

Damia Ramis, ‘From colonisation to habitation: early cultural adaptations in the Balearic Bronze Age’ [64-84]

Marina Gkiasta, ‘Social identities, materiality and connectivity in Early Bronze Age Crete’ [85-105]

Anthony Russell, ‘Foreign materials, islander mobility and elite identity in Late Bronze Age Sardinia’ [106-126]

Sarah Janes, ‘Negotiating island interactions: Cyprus, the Aegean and the Levant in the Late Bronze to Early Iron Ages’ [127-146]

Jeremy Hayne, ‘Entangled identities on Iron Age Sardinia?’ [147-169]

Maria Kostoglou, ‘Iron, connectivity and local identities in the Iron Age to Classical Mediterranean’ [170-189]

Jaime Vives-Ferrandiz, ‘Mobility, materiality and identities in Iron Age east Iberia: on the appropriation of material culture and the question of judgement’ [190-209]

Corinna Riva, ‘Trading settlements and the materiality of wine consumption in the north Tyrrhenian Sea region’ [210-232]

Michael Rowlands, ‘Concluding thoughts’ [233-247]

Index [249-256]


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