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8 March 2012

Mochlos IIB: Period IV. The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery: The Pottery

R. Angus K. Smith

Mochlos IIB: Period IV. The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery: The Pottery

City: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Year: 2010

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Series: Prehistory Monographs 27

Description: Hardback, 320p., 40 tables, 93 b/w figures, 35 b/w plates, 28,5x22 cm


This book presents the ceramic vessels from the Late Minoan (LM) II-III settlement at Mochlos and its cemetery at Limenaria, which lies opposite the settlement a short distance to the south. Mochlos IIB is the second of three volumes in the Mochlos Publication Series concerned with the LM II-III settlement and cemetery. The current volume details the ceramic vessels in three main chapters, two appendices, two concordances, tables, figures and plates.

Chapter 1 focuses on the fabric types found at Mochlos. It presents a petrographic examination of a selected sample of the pottery from both the settlement and the cemetery. Chapter 2 contains a typological examination and catalog of the ceramic vessels arranged by shape. Chapter 3 provides an analysis of the character and relative chronology of the pottery assemblage as a whole. Appendix A presents the technical petrographic descriptions for the fabrics discussed in Chapter 1. Appendix B is a catalog and discussion of the earlier Minoan and later, Orientalizing pottery found in LM II-III contexts.


List of tables [vii]
List of figures [ix]
List of plates [xv]
Aknowledgements [xix]
Abbreviations [xxi]

Introduction (R.A.K. Smith & J. Soles) [1]

Petrographic Analysis of the Late Minoan III Ceramics (E. Nodarou) [3]

The Late Minoan II-III Pottery (R.A.K. Smith & E. Banou with contributions by T.M. Brogan, D. Faulmann, A.M. Nicgorski & J. Soles) [15]

Conclusions: The Decoration, Character, and Relative Chronology of the Late Minoan II-III Pottery [125]

Appendix A. Petrographic Descriptions (E. Nodarou) [139]

Appendix B. Earlier Minoan and Later Orientalizing Pottery from Late Minoan III Contexts (J. Soles & A.M. Nicgorski) [155]

Bibliography [165]

Concordance A: Field numbers and catalog numbers from Mochlos IIA, IIB, IIC volumes [173]

Concordance B: Contexts and catalog numbers in Mochlos IIA, IIB, IIC volumes [191]

Index [205]


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