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28 December 2014

Mycenaean Messenia and the Kingdom of Pylos

Richard Hope Simpson

Mycenaean Messenia and the Kingdom of Pylos

City: Philadelphia

Year: 2014

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Series: Prehistory Monographs 45

Description: Hardback, 115 p., 6 b/w maps, 16 b/w plates, 28,5x22 cm


This study outlines the state of our present knowledge concerning the Mycenaean settlements in Messenia and examines the evidence for reconstructing the political geography of the “Kingdom” of Pylos. The progress of archaeological exploration in Messenia is reviewed in relation to the Mycenaean (Late Helladic [LH]) period. The data from excavations and surveys concerning the Mycenaean settlements in Messenia are summarized. The author attempts to determine the extent of the “Kingdom” and to identify the locations of its main districts by correlating the archaeological data from Mycenaean sites with the the inscriptions in Linear B found in the “Palace of Nestor” at Ano Englianos.


List of Tables in the Text [ix]
List of Maps [xi]
List of Plates [xiii]
Preface and Acknowledgments [xv]
List of Abbreviations [xvii]

Introduction [1]

Chapter 1. The History of Exploration [5]

Chapter 2. Mycenaean Sites in Messenia [15]

Chapter 3. The Political Geography of the Kingdom of Pylos [45]

References [71]

Index of Sites and Geographical Features [79]
General Index  [83]


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