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19 February 2015

Mycenaean Pottery and Figurines. Keramopoullos Excavations from the Cemeteries of Thebes

Hara Tzavella-Evjen

Mycenaean Pottery and Figurines. Keramopoullos Excavations from the Cemeteries of Thebes

City: Athens

Year: 2014

Publisher: Archaeological Society at Athens

Series: Library of the Archaeological Society at Athens 294

Description: Paperback, 154 p., numerous b/w illustrations, 28x21 cm

From the introduction

The pottery and figurines from the Mycenaean cemeteries at Kolonaki, Hagia Anna, Ismenion and Elektrae Gates in Thebes were first published by the excavator A. Keramopoullos in the AE 49 (1910) and AD 3 (1917) in association with the chamber tombs and also in context with the other tomb deposits. These early studies provide information on the condition in which the tombs and their context were discovered and also give detailed information of the locus of the burial deposits. In some cases, comparisons are drawn with materials from other Mycenaean sites and, in general, there is an occasional discussion of the antiquity or the lateness of the shapes and decorative themes. Observations on burial practices are frequently made. The pottery from these cemeteries was used by A. Furumark in his study of the Mycenaean pottery classification, and since then it has entered the studies of Mycenaean pottery as comparative material.

In recent years, Mycenaean Boeotia is undergoing a renaissance with the rescue excavation in Thebes carried out by the Archaeological Service, the systematic excavations at Gla undertaken by the Archaeological Society at Athens and the publication of old collections from Boeotian Mycenaean levels. The time was ripe for a re-examination of the pottery and the figurines from the Keramopoullos excavations.


Abbreviations [9]

Introduction [13]

Observations on Pottery [15]

Jars [15]

Jugs [20]

Flask [24]

Askoi [25]

Alabastra [26]

Stirrup jars [33]

Deep bowls [40]

Cups [41]

Kylix [46]

Domestic vessels [48]

Amphora [49]

Small pithos [49]

Varia [49]

Observations on Figurines [51]

Phi type [51]

Tau type [52]

Psi type [52]

Animal figurines [54]

Thrones [55]

Conclusions [57]

Tables [63]

Catalogue [73]

Pottery [73]

Figurines [132]

Appendix [149]

Bibliography [151]


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