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BOOKS | 2015

9 November 2015

Mycenaean Wall Painting in Context. New Discoveries, Old Finds Reconsidered

Edited by Hariclia Brecoulaki, Jack L. Davis & Sharon R. Stocker

Mycenaean Wall Painting in Context. New Discoveries, Old Finds Reconsidered

City: Athens

Year: 2015

Publisher: National Hellenic Research Foundation, Institute of Historical Research

Series: Meletemata 72

Description: Hardback, 403 p., numerous colour figures, 27,7 x 21,6 cm


During the recent decades many new Mycenaean wall paintings have been brought to light and older finds have been restored and reconstructed afresh in light of newly found joining fragments. These paintings derive both from palatial and non-palatial contexts, from major centers on the mainland (including Mycenae, Tiryns, Argos, Pylos, Thebes, Orchomenos, and Gla) and from recently excavated sites, such as Iklaina in Messenia. However, in contrast to the corpora of Minoan and Cycladic wall paintings, Mycenaean paintings have survived in poor physical condition. For the most part, they are highly fragmentary and lack iconographic and contextual coherence.

The present book, lavishly illustrated, including many full-page details, offers an up to date insight into new discoveries of Mycenaean wall painting and new iconographic interpretations of old material, excavated long ago but never properly published. It is therefore likely to fill a large gap in our knowledge of Mycenaean wall painting and Aegean wall painting in general, and help us to gain a better understanding of the visual language of Mycenaean painting and of how it was employed in the murals that adorned Mycenaean buildings.


Preface by the editors [13-17]

Conceptual and Geographical Contexts

John Bennet, Telltale Depictions: A Contextual View of Mycenaean Wall-Paintings [21-34]

Andreas G. Vlachopoulos, Detecting “Mycenaean” Elements in the “Minoan” Wall-Paintings of a “Cycladic” Settlement. The Wall-Paintings of Thera and Τheir Iconographic Koine [37-65] PDF

Santo Privitera, A Painted Town: Wall Paintings and the Built Environment at Late Minoan III Ayia Triada [66-90] PDF


Heleni Palaiologou, A Female Painted Plaster Figure from Mycenae [95-125]

Kim Shelton, LH IIIA Frescoes from Petsas House, Mycenae: Splatters, Patterns and Scenes [126-143]

Iphiyenia Tournavitou, Sport, Prestige, and Ritual Outside the Palaces: Pictorial Frescoes from the West House at Mycenae [145-169]

Tiryns and Argos

Alkestis Papadimitriou, Ulrich Thaler & Joseph Maran, Bearing the Pomegranate Bearer: A New Wall-Painting Scene from Tiryns [173-211] PDF

Iphiyenia Tournavitou & Hariclia Brecoulaki, The Mycenaean Wall-Paintings from Argos. A Preliminary Presentation [212-245]


Michael B. Cosmopoulos, A Group of New Mycenaean Frescoes from Iklaina, Pylos [249-259] PDF

Hariclia Brecoulaki, Sharon R. Stocker, Jack L. Davis, and Emily C. Egan, An Unprecedented Naval Scene from Pylos: First Considerations [260-291]

Emily C. Egan & Hariclia Brecoulaki, Marine Iconography at the Palace of Nestor and the Emblematic Use of the Argonaut [292-313]


Vassilis Aravantinos & Ioannis Fappas, The Mycenaean Wall Paintings of Thebes: From Excavation to Restoration [316-353]

Theodoros Spyropoulos, Wall Paintings from the Mycenaean Palace of Boeotian Orchomenos [355-368]

Christos Boulotis, Reconstructing a Dolphin Frieze and Argonauts from the Mycenaean Citadel of Gla [371-403]


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