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29 September 2016

Palaepaphos-Skales. Tombs of the Late Cypriote IIIB and Cypro-Geometric periods (excavations of 2008 and 2011)

Vassos Karageorghis & Efstathios Raptou

Palaepaphos-Skales. Tombs of the Late Cypriote IIIB and Cypro-Geometric periods (excavations of 2008 and 2011)

City: Nicosia

Year: 2016

Publisher: The Cyprus Institute

Description: Hardback, i-xvi+162 p., plates I-LXXIII in colour and LXXIV-CI line drawings


In this book the authors publish thirteen tombs and two pyres excavated by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities in the cemeteries of Palaepaphos, on the western part of Cyprus. More tombs from the same cemeteries were published by the same authors in 2014 and earlier (by V. Karageorghis) in 1983. They date to the Late Cypriote IIIB (ca. 1100-1050 B.C.) and the Cypro-Geometric I-III periods (ca. 1050-750 B.C.) There is an excavation report for each tomb, a detail catalogue of objects and a commentary for all ceramic types and other items found in each tomb and a note on chronology. A chapter on historical conclusions places these tombs against their historical background. The transition from the end of the Late Bronze Age to the Iron Age (Cypro-Geometric period) is marked by the development of an elite society of Greek settlers from the Aegean, who introduced not only artistic styles but also funerary customs.

Of particular interest among the tomb gifts are the bronze vessels; of an exceptionally fine quality is a bronze amphoroid crater found in a tomb of the 11th cent. B.C., whose handles and rim were cast and are decorated in relief with pictorial motifs. Ten appendices written by specialists deal with topics like epigraphy, human and animal skeletal remains, marine molluscs, mineralized textiles etc.


List of figures [ix]
List of tables [xi]
Acknowledgments [xiii]
Preface, by Vassos Karageorghis [xv]

1. The excavations, by Efstathios Raptou
1.1 Introduction [1]
1.2 The architecture [1]
1.3 Burial customs [3]
1.4 Excavation report [5]

2. Tomb contents and chronology, by Vassos Karageorghis
2.1 Tomb 185 [27]
2.2 Tomb 187 [33]
2.3 Tomb 188 [38]
2.4 Tomb 189 [42]
2.5 Tomb 190 [45]
2.6 Tomb 191 [48]
2.7 Tomb 192 [51]
2.8 Tomb 194 [55]
2.9 Tomb 195 [59]
2.10 Tomb 197 [63]
2.11 Tomb 199 [70]
2.12 Tomb 200 [77]
2.13 Tomb 203 [79]
2.14 Tomb 210 [88]
2.15 Tomb 224 [92]
2.16 Tomb 235 [94]
2.17 Pyre 1 98 2.17.1 Catalogue [98]
2.18 Pyre 2 98 2.18.1 Catalogue [98]

3. Summary and historical conclusions, by Vassos Karageorghis
3.1 The pottery [102]
3.2 Other material [104]
3.3 Burial customs [107]
3.4 Problems of immigration [107]
3.5 Problems of chronology [107]

Appendix I. An eleventh century BC Handmade Burnished ware pyxis from Palaepaphos-Skales, Tomb 224/12, by Vassos Karageorghis [109]

Appendix II. pXRF analysis of Tombs 61/21 and 224/12 (Palaepaphos-Skales), Tomb 26/21 (Kourion-Kaloriziki) and local ceramics from Palaepaphos, by Andreas Charalambous [115]

Appendix III. The bronze amphora Tomb 187/17, by Vassos Karageorghis [117]

Appendix IV. Animals and riders: terracotta figurines from Palaepaphos-Skales, by Efstathios Raptou [125]

Appendix V. A bronze bowl from Palaepaphos-Skales with a new Cypro-Minoan inscription from the Cypro-Geometric period, by Markus Egetmeyer [131]

Appendix VI. Scarabee Tomb 197/52, by Gisele Clerc [137]

Appendix VII. The human remains, by Kirsi O. Lorentz [139]

Appendix VIII. Astragali and other animal remains from the Palaepaphos-Skales tombs, by Paul Croft [149]

Appendix IX. Marine molluscs from two tombs at Palaepaphos-Skales, by Andreas Demetropoulos [151]

Appendix X. Mineralised textiles on Tomb 203/79 and Tomb 235/31, by Diana Wood Conroy [153]

Bibliography [157]
Plates [163]


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