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17 March 2016

Pots, Workshop and Early Iron Age Society. Function and Role of Ceramics in Early Greece

Edited by Vicky Vlachou

Pots, Workshop and Early Iron Age Society. Function and Role of Ceramics in Early Greece

City: Bruxelles

Year: 2015

Publisher: CReA-Patrimoine

Series: Études d’Archéologie 8

Description: Paperback, 291 p., numerous colour & b/w figures, 29,6 x 21 εκ.

Proceedings of the International Symposium held at the Université libre de Bruxelles, 14-16 November 2013


This volume brings together a number of papers that were presented at the international symposium on Pots, Workshops and Early Iron Age Society. Function and Role of Ceramics in Early Greece organised by the University of Athens (UoA) and the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), and held at the Université libre de Bruxelles in November 2013. The papers are divided in five parts, following the themes of the conference: production and workshops, context and function, pottery and rituals, mobility and interaction, iconography and early society. Emphasis is placed on ancient ceramics as valuable testimonies to human expressions, reflecting the needs, aspirations and ideas of the societies that produced and used them.


Foreword (Athena Tsingarida) [7]
Abbreviations [9]

Nota Kourou & Vicky Vlachou, Introduction. Production and Function of Ceramics in Early Greece [11-17] PDF

I. Production and Workshops

Susan Langdon, Geometric Pottery for Beginners. Children and Production in Early Greece [21-36] PDF

Anne Coulié, L’atelier du Dipylon : style, typologie et chronologie relative [37-47]

Vicky Vlachou, From Pots to Workshops: The Hirschfeld Painter and the Late Geometric I. Context of the Attic Pottery Production [49-74] PDF

Jean-Sébastien Gros, Defining a Workshop for the Production of Domestic Pottery: the Case of Xobourgo on Tenos [75-79]

II. Context and Function

Nota Kourou, Early Iron Age Mortuary Contexts in the Cyclades. Pots, Function and Symbolism [83-105] PDF

James Whitley, Agency, Personhood and the Belly-Handled Amphora: Exchange and Society in the Ninth Century Aegean [107-126]

Samuel Verdan, Images, supports et contextes: sur quelques « amphores funéraires » érétriennes [127-137]

III. Pottery and Rituals

Alexandra Alexandridou, Domestic Ware, Ritual Utensils or Funerary Vases? Functions of the Late Geometric Pottery from the “Sacred House” of the Academy in Athens [141-154] PDF

Lydia Palaiokrassa-Kopitsa & Evangelos Vivliodetis, The Sanctuaries of Artemis Mounichia and Zeus Parnessios. Their Relation to the Religious and Social Life in the Athenian City-State until the End of the 7th Century B.C. [155-180] PDF

Evangelia Simantoni-Bournia, More Cups for “Dionysos”: A Selection of Geometric Drinking Vases from the Sanctuary of Hyria on Naxos [181-197]

IV. Mobility and Interaction

John K. Papadopoulos, Owls to Athens: Imported Pottery in Early Iron Age Athens [201-215] PDF

Stavros A. Paspalas, Imported Complexities among the Painted Fine Wares at Zagora, Andros [217-230]

Bruno d’Agostino, Pottery and Cultural Interaction in EIA Tyrrhenian Settlements [231-240]

Maria Costanza Lentini, Some Late Geometric and Early Orientalising Tableware from Sicilian Naxos [241-250]

V. Iconography and Early Society

Dyfri Williams, Ship, Horse, Battle: Some Attic Geometric Fragments from the Sanctuary of Aphaia, Aigina and Attic Geometric Gold Jewellery [253-266] PDF

Anastasia Gadolou, Narrative Art and Ritual in the Sanctuary of Poseidon Heliconius in Ancient Helike, Achaea [267-276] PDF

Manolis Mikrakis, Pots, Early Iron Age Athenian Society and the Near East: The Evidence of the Rattle Group [277- 289] PDF

About the Contributors [291]


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