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28 January 2012

Prehistoric Crete. Regional and Diachronic Studies on Mortuary Systems

Edited by Joanne M.A. Murphy

Prehistoric Crete. Regional and Diachronic Studies on Mortuary Systems

City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Year: 2011

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Description: Paperback, xi & 214 p., 38 b/w figures, maps, drawings 22,9x15,1 cm


Since the inception of Minoan archaeology, studies pertaining to tombs and tomb deposits have played seminal roles in our understanding of Minoan culture and the reconstruction of Bronze Age society. For several geographical areas and chronological periods of Cretan history, tombs are the most abundant source of data. Each author in this volume takes a clear and distinct approach to the data, including some that emphasize political geography on multi-regional and multi-scalar levels, some that examine the commemoration of the dead and of the community for legitimizing purposes but also for maintaining and/or creating elite positions in social systems, and others that underline the overlap between mortuary rituals and religion. The aim of this volume is not to present all tombs in all periods on Crete comprehensively, but the breadth of these papers is intended to generate a discourse not just among archaeologists working in different areas and time periods on Crete but also among archaeologists in Greece and a broader anthropological audience.


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Joanne M.A. Murphy, ‘Introduction’ [1-22]

Joanne M.A. Murphy, ‘Landscape and Social Narratives: A Study of Regional Social Structures in Prepalatial Crete’ [23-47]

Borja Legarra Herrero, ‘The Secret Lives of the Early and Middle Minoan Tholos Cemeteries: Koumasa and Platanos’ [49-84]

Philip P. Betancourt, ‘Tomb 4 at Pseira: Evidence for Minoan Social Practices’ [85-102]

Gerald Cadogan, ‘A Power House of the Dead: The Functions and Long Life of the Tomb at Myrtos-Pyrgos’ [103-117]

Katia Perna, ‘The LM IIIC Burial Culture in Crete: A Socio-Economic Perspective’ [119-164]

Melissa Eaby, ‘Regionalism in Early Iron Age Cretan Burials’ [165-202]

Index [203-214]


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