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19 November 2017

RA-PI-NE-U. Studies on the Mycenaean World offered to Robert Laffineur for his 70th Birthday

Edited by Jan Driessen

RA-PI-NE-U. Studies on the Mycenaean World offered to Robert Laffineur for his 70th Birthday

City: Louvain

Year: 2016

Publisher: Presses Universitaires de Louvain

Description: Paperback, 398 p., numerous b/w tables, 323 b/w and colour figures, 21 x 29.3 cm


This volume, in honour of one of the Odysseuses in Aegean archaeology, Professor Robert Laffineur, comprises a combination of papers presented during a seminar series on recent developments in Mycenaean archaeology at the Université de Louvain during the academic year 2015-2016. These were organised within the frame of the ARC13/18 – 049 (concerted research action) “A World in Crisis?”. To these are added a series of papers by friends of Robert Laffineur who were keen to offer a contribution to honour him foremost as a friend and scholar in his own right but also as editor of a respected international series founded by him –Aegaeum– and as the driving force and inspiration behind the biannual Aegean meetings that have travelled the world. Several papers within touch scientific domains close to Robert’s heart while others present new excavations or new interpretations of known data.


Foreword by Jan Driessen [23]

  1. Robert Laffineur, a Bio-Bibliography [25-38]
    Richard Veymiers
  2. Dimini: An Urban Settlement of the Late Bronze Age in the Pagasitic Gulf [39-61]
    Vasiliki Adrymi-Sismani
  3. Origins of the Mycenaean Lustrous Dark-on-Light Pottery Technology [63-68]
    Philip P. Betancourt, Susan C. Ferrence, Vili Apostolakou, Thomas M. Brogan, Eleni Nodarou & Florence S. C. Hsu
  4. The ‘Minoanisation’ of the Arts in LC I Akrotiri and LH I Mycenae: Similarities and Differences [69-83]
    Fritz Blakolmer
  5. Crafting Before and After the Collapse: Mycenaean Eleon in Boeotia [85-93]
    Brendan Burke & Bryan Burns
  6. Consumerism, Debt, and the End of the Bronze Age Civilisations in the Eastern Mediterranean [95-107]
    Mary K. Dabney
  7. The Brussels Mycenaean Gold Cup [109-124]
    Jan Driessen
  8. Cylinder-Seal Impressions on Storage Vessels at Maa-Palaeokastro: Elucidating an Idiosyncratic Late Cypriot Mechanism [125-144]
    Artemis Georgiou
  9. Pulp Fiction: The Sea Peoples and the Study of ‘Mycenaean’ Archaeology in Philistia [145-155]
    Louise A. Hitchcock & Aren M. Maeir
  10. Mycenaean Terracottas from Funerary Contexts in Troezenia [157-169]
    Eleni Konsolaki-Yannopoulou
  11. Getting out of a Dead End in Final Palatial Crete: Applying Space Syntax Analysis to the Casa dei Vani Aggiunti Progressivamente at Haghia Triada [171-199]
    Quentin Letesson & Santo Privitera
  12. Against the Currents of History: The Early 12th c. BCE Resurgence of Tiryns [201-220]
    Joseph Maran
  13. Spinning Gold and Casting Textiles [221-232]
    Marie-Louise Nosch
  14. Two Linear B Traveling Inscriptions from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee and the Impact of the Decipherment of Linear B on the Scholarly and Public Imagination [233-244]
    Thomas G. Palaima & Christopher M. McDonough
  15. Technological Study and Interpretation of Rhomboid Accessories from Grave Circle A, Mycenae [245-262]
    Nikolas Papadimitriou, Eleni Konstantinidi-Syvridi & Akis Goumas
  16. Human Heads and Crawling Snakes: Ritual Vases in Postpalatial Mycenae [263-274]
    Lena Papazoglou-Manioudaki
  17. Glow in the ‘Dark’: A Gold Pendant from a Middle Helladic Settlement (Aspis, Argos) [275-293]
    Anna Philippa-Touchais & Gilles Touchais
  18. A Picture is Worth a Thousands Words: Pictorial Pottery as a Marker for Socio-Economic Entanglements between the Coast and Hinterland. The Case of Hala Sultan Tekke and Klavdhia in South-East Cyprus [295-304]
    Melissa Samaes, Jan Coenaerts & Karin Nys
  19. Marathon in the Middle and Late Bronze Age: New Evidence from an Old Excavation. Preliminary Results from the Excavation of the University of Athens at Plasi [305-315]
    Naya Polychronakou-Sgouritsa, Yiannis Papadatos, Anthi Balitsari & Eleanna Prevedorou
  20. Petsas House, Pottery Production, and the Mycenaean People in LH IIIA2 [317-326]
    Kim S. Shelton
  21. Connecting the Pieces: Egypt, Dendra, and the Elusive ‘Keftiu’ Cup [327-347]
    Nancy R. Thomas
  22. Foreign affairs. Diplomacy, Trade, War and Migration in the Mycenaean Mediterranean (1400- 1100 BC) [349-363]
    Gert Jan van Wijngaarden
  23. Beyond the Versailles Effect: Mycenaean Greece and Minoan Crete [365-378]
    Malcolm H. Wiener
  24. The Two Goddesses and the Formation of a Pantheon in Philistia [379-390]
    Assaf YasurLandau
  25. The Gournia Megaron [391-398]
    John G. Younger


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