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15 December 2009

Sparta, Menelaion I: The Bronze Age

H. W. Catling

Sparta, Menelaion I: The Bronze Age

City: London

Year: 2009

Publisher: British School at Athens

Series: Supplementary Volume No. 45

Description: Hardback, Vol. I: Text 524 p. & CD Rom; Vol. II: Figures and Plates, 366 p.


This is the account of an excavation by the British School at Athens at the major Mycenaean settlement in the central Eurotas valley of Laconia, close to the site of ancient and modern Sparta, in the south-central Peloponnese. The site was first identified and partly explored by the British School (under its sixth Director, R. M. Dawkins) in 1909-10. This volume presents the results of fieldwork undertaken by the School in 1973-77, 1980 and 1985, led by the then Director, H. W. Catling.

The present volume presents an exhaustive account of the Bronze Age structures (ca. 50 in all) spread across the Menelaion Ridge. Detailed considerations of the stratigraphy and architecture are supported by approximately 175 plans and sections; a further 25 in-text illustrations elucidate specific features. The pottery from each deposit is presented in catalogue format, supported by statistical analyses, drawings and photographs. In addition, there is an overall appraisal of the ceramic finds, in relation to those attested elsewhere in mainland Greece and beyond. Also catalogued and discussed are ‘small finds’, including objects of metal, terracotta figurines, spinning and weaving equipment, and objects of stone. The few seals and sealings are described by H. Hughes-Brock. Painted wall plasters and architectural stone are also fully treated. A final chapter considers topographical and environmental issues, and places the Menelaion within the context of both Laconian and wider Aegean developments.

Much further information is gathered in CD-Rom form, including the 1910 excavation records and commentary; and full qualitative and quantitative tabulations of uncatalogued pottery. Appendices by R.E. Jones present technical analyses of plasters and pigments; XRF analysis of bronzes; the proton magnetometer survey; and chemical analyses of pottery (with J. Tomlinson). Further appendices concern human skeletal material (N. Brodie); and animal bone (G. Jones).



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Excavation chronicle


Part 1. The Architecture and Stratigraphy of the Menelaion Hill

Part 2. North Hill: Architecture and Stratigraphy

Part 3. Aetos South Slope: the excavation in 1978 and 1980

Part 4. The Objects

Part 5. The Pottery: Discussion

Part 6. Summary and Conclusions







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