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BOOKS | 2012

2 November 2015

Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology: Fifty years on

Edited by Jennifer M. Webb & David Frankel

City: Uppsala

Year: 2012

Publisher: Aströms Förlag

Series: Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, vol. CXXXVII

Description: Hardback, 135 p., numerous b/w & colour figures, 30,3 x 21,3 cm


For fifty years Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology has provided an essential service to archaeologists. Several hundred volumes of specialist studies, site reports and museum catalogues have appeared, almost all under the guiding hand of the founding editor and proprietor, the late Professor Paul Aström. There have been many tributes to Paul, including two festschrift volumes: this, itself a form of festschrift to the monograph series, is equally a tribute to his foresight and generosity. As the current editors of SIMA we felt, together with Lennart Aström, that it would be appropriate to mark this half-century of publications with a volume including appreciations of aspects of the series and related issues in Cypriot and Eastern Mediterranean studies. We therefore approached members of the Advisory and Editorial Boards of SIMA to contribute essays on whatever topics they felt appropriate. The papers they sent to us display a wide variety of approaches and themes: some more specific than others, some more tightly focussed on SIMA, but all showing an appreciation of the value of the series. This is summarised by Vassos Karageorghis in an essay which reflects on past achievements with particular reference to Cyprus but equally sets out important challenges for the future, where SIMA has an important role to play – especially as a venue for publishing primary evidence.


Publisher’s preface, Lennart Aström [vii]
Editors’ preface, Jennifer M. Webb and David Frankel [ix]
List of contributors [xi]

Lena Söderhjelm, Reflections on the beginning of SIMA [1]

Vassos Karageorghis, Fifty years of SIMA publications on Cypriot archaeology: achievements and perspectives [3-5]
Despo Pilides, The SIMA Corpus of Cypriote Antiquities: the way forward [7-24]
David Frankel, ‘Strange places crammed with observation’: reporting the site [25-31] PDF
Nikos Efstratiou, Early Cypriot prehistory in the light of recent developments [33-41]
Jeannette Forsen, Fifty years on: evaluating SIMA’s contribution to Aegean Early Bronze Age archaeology [43-47] PDF
Jennifer M. Webb, Kalopsidha: forty-six years after SIMA volume 2 [49-58] PDF
Nancy Serwint, SIMA’s contribution to Cypriot coroplastic studies [59-65]
Robert Merriilees, Paul Äström, SIMA and Alashiya [67-71]
Peter M. Fischer, SIMA and the new Swedish Cyprus Expedition at Hala Sultan Tekke [73-80]
Reinhard Jung, The SIMA contribution to our understanding of Mycenaean material culture in Cyprus [81-88]
Joanna S. Smith, Resources for the study of seals found on Cyprus [89-101] PDF
Shlomo Bunimovitz & Zvi Lederman, Iron Age iron: from invention to innovation [103-112] PDF
Carl-Gustaf Styrenius, Six installations of the Ayia Irini-group in Stockholm [113-118]

Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology: Publication list (1962-2012) [119-129]
Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology: Index of authors [131-132]
Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology: General index [135]


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