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11 June 2013

The Ahhiyawa texts (Writings from the Ancient World)

Gary Beckman, Trevor Bryce & Eric H. Cline

The Ahhiyawa texts (Writings from the Ancient World)

City: Atlanta

Year: 2011

Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature

Description: Paperback, 320 p., b/w illustrations, 22.9x15.2 cm


Twenty-six texts found in the Hittite capital of Hattusa dating from the fifteenth–thirteenth centuries B.C.E. contain references to a land known as “Ahhiyawa,” which most scholars now identify with the Late Bronze Age Mycenaean world. The subject of continuing study and controversy since they were first published in 1924, the letters are still at the center of Mycenaean-Hittite studies and are now considered in studies and courses concerned with Troy, the Trojan War, and the role of both Mycenaeans and Hittites in that possible conflict. This volume offers, for the first time in a single source, English translations of all twenty-six Ahhiyawa texts and a commentary and brief exposition on each text’s historical implications. The volume also includes an introductory essay to the whole Ahhiyawa “problem” as well as a longer essay on Mycenaean-Hittite interconnections and the current state of the discipline.


Abbreviations [vii]
Explanation of Signs [viii]
List of Illustrations [ix]
Preface [xi]

Introduction: The Ahhiyawa Problem [1]

Texts [8]

AhT 1A–1B (CTH 61). Annals of Mursili II, Years 3–4 [10]
AhT 1A (CTH 61.I). Ten-Year Annals [10]
AhT 1B (CTH 61.II). Extensive Annals [28]
AhT 2 (CTH 105). Treaty between Tudhaliya IV of Hatti and Shaushgamuwa, king of Amurru [50]
AhT 3 (CTH 147). Indictment of Madduwatta [69]
AhT 4 (CTH 181). Letter from a king of Hatti (probably Hattusili III) to a king of Ahhiyawa—the “Tawagalawa Letter” [101]
AhT 5 (CTH 182). Letter from a king of Hatti (probably Tudhaliya IV) to a western Anatolian ruler (Tarkasnawa, king of Mira?) – the “Milawata Letter” [123]
AhT 6 (CTH 183). Letter from a king of Ahhiyawa to a king of Hatti (probably Muwattalli II) [134]
AhT 7 (CTH 191). Letter from Manapa-Tarhunta of the Seha River Land to a king of Hatti (probably Muwattalli II) [140]
AhT 8 (CTH 209.12). Letter from a Hittite official to a king of Hatti (Hattusili III?) [145]
AhT 9 (CTH 209.16). Letter from a king of Hatti(?) (perhaps Mursili II or Hattusili III) to a king of Ahhiyawa(?) [150]
AhT 10 (CTH 209.17). Letter [153]
AhT 11 (CTH 211.4). Offenses of the Seha River Land (royal edict of Tudhaliya IV?) [154]
AhT 12 (CTH 214.12.A). Prayer of Mursili II/Muwattalli II/Urhi- Teshshup(?) [158]
AhT 13 (CTH 214.12.B). Memorandum(?) [162]
AhT 14 (CTH 214.12.C). Extract from a letter(?) from a king of Hatti(?) (Tudhaliya IV?) concerning Urhi-Teshshup [164]
AhT 15 (CTH 214.12.D). Letter from a king of Hatti (Hattusili III?) to another Great King [168]
AhT 16 (CTH 214.12.E). Fragment [172]
AhT 17 (CTH 214.12.F). Fragment [173]
AhT 18 (CTH 214.16). “Boundary” list(?). Reign of Hattusili III or Tudhaliya IV(?) [174]
AhT 19 (CTH 243.6). Inventory [176]
AhT 20 (CTH 570.1). Oracle report [183]
AhT 21 (CTH 570.2). Oracle report [210]
AhT 22 (CTH 571.2). Oracle report [220]
AhT 23 (CTH 572.1). Oracle report [234]
AhT 24 (CTH 572.2). Oracle report [242]
AhT 25 (CTH 581*). Letter [244]
AhT 26 (CTH 590). Votive prayer of Puduhepa(?) (wife of Hattusili III) [248]
AhT 27A–27B. Letters from the Hittite court to Ammurapi of Ugarit [253]
AhT 27A. Letter from Suppiluliuma II to Ammurapi, king of Ugarit [254]
AhT 27B. Letter from Penti-Sharruma, a Hittite official, to Ammurapi, king of Ugarit [258]
AhT 28. Inscription of Warika, king of (Ah)hiyawa [263]

Epilogue: Mycenaean–Hittite Interconnections in the Late Bronze Age Revisited [267]

Sources [285]

Bibliography [289]
Indices [297] 


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