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BOOKS | 2017

1 May 2020

The Earliest Production of Aegean-Type Pottery in Cyprus

Giampaolo Graziadio

The Earliest Production of Aegean-Type Pottery in Cyprus

City: Pisa

Year: 2017

Publisher: University Press Italiane

Description: Paperback, 193 p, numerous tables, numerous colour and b/w figures, 15 x 21 cm.


The outstanding feature of the shape of the three-handled jars which are the primary focus of this study (Shapes 46 and 47 in Furumark’s classification) is the conical or biconical body, sometimes with a rather angular shoulder. Probably used as ointment containers, these three-handled jars were relatively common in Cypriot tombs, especially at Enkomi, but no small jars of these shapes have been found in the Aegean. On the other hand, a few examples have been reported from Levantine and Egyptian sites which had contacts with Cyprus. Since past times attention was sometimes paid to a few examples of these shapes with particular decorations, but no comprehensive study has been carried out so far. This book aims to fill in these gaps. The morphological differences between these small jars, the decorative repertoire, the chronology and the Aegean connections have been discussed in this study. Based on this analysis it is possible to state that these three-handled jars were the earliest Aegean-type vases made in Cyprus since their production may be ascribed to the 14th century BC and the analysis of some selected examples with the employment of the pRXF technique confirms their Cypriot origin, in accordance with macroscopic scrutiny of individual specimens.


Acknowledgements [5]

Introduction: The so-called “Levanto-Helladic” shapes and the production of Aegean-type pottery in Cyprus in the late 13th century BC [7-13]

1. The three-handled jars FS 46 and FS 47 [15-19]

2. Fabrics and surfaces [21-25]

3. The Shapes [27-54]

4. The Decoration [55-89]

5. The Contexts [91-116]
Elisabetta Pezzi

6. A preliminary, analytical examination of FS46/47 three-handled jars and other LBA pottery types from Cyprus with the employment of pXRF [117-129]
Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou & Artemis Georgiou

7. The catalogue of the three-handled jars [131-155]

8. Conclusions [157-179]

Bibliography [181-193]


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