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1 March 2018

The Wall Paintings of the West House at Mycenae

Iphiyenia Tournavitou

The Wall Paintings of the West House at Mycenae

City: Philadelphia

Year: 2017

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Series: Prehistory Monographs 54

Description: Hardback, 269 p., 39 b/w and colour plates, 39 b/w and colour figures, 22×28.5 cm


The wall paintings discussed in this volume were originally discovered in 1958 by Nikolaos Verdelis during the excavation of the West House, one of the four buildings, also known as the “Ivory Houses,” south of Grave Circle B, at Mycenae. A small number of specimens were illustrated by the excavator in his preliminary report of the excavation, in 1958 and 1963.

The material was incidentally “rediscovered” in 2004 in the storerooms of the new Mycenae museum, where they had been transferred, along with all the other archaeological finds from the site previously stored at Nauplion. This latent rediscovery of the material prompted a systematic study of the wall paintings from the building, which began in 2005 and was completed by 2009. During this period most of the fragments were cleaned, individual pieces were joined where possible, and the material, which had been already divided into distinct stylistic and thematic groups, was systematically recorded.

The final publication of this material completes the cycle, which began with the original monograph on the Ivory Houses as a whole (Tournavitou 1995) and continued with the reassessment of the stratigraphy and architecture of the West House, undertaken almost 10 years after the original publication (Tournavitou 2006).


List of Charts and Tables in the Text [ix]

List of Figures [xi-xiv]

List of Plates [xv-xvii]

Preface [xix-xx]

Acknowledgements [xxi-xxii]

List of Abbreviations [xxiii]

Chapter 1. Architectural Context and Chronology [1-10]

Chapter 2. State of Preservation, Conservation, and Drawn Restorations [11-13]

Chapter 3. The Wall Paintings [15-78]

Chapter 4. Techniques of Painting and Construction [79-90]

Chapter 5. Conclusions [91-102]

Chapter 6. Catalog [103-146]

Appendix A. A Technological Investigation of the Painting Materials [147-158]
Hariclia Brecoulaki, Sophia Sotiropoulou, Vassilis Perdikatsis, Anna Lluveras-Tenorio, Ilaria Bonaduce & Maria Perla Colombini

Appendix B. Hellenistic Composition [159-161]

References [163-175]

Index [179-190]




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