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28 April 2012

Thesprotia Expedition II. Environment and Settlement Patterns

Edited by Bjӧrn Forsén & Esko Tikkala

Thesprotia Expedition II. Environment and Settlement Patterns

City: Helsinki

Year: 2011

Publisher: The Finnish Institute at Athens

Series: Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens XVI

Description: Paperback, iii & 392 p., b/w figures, maps and drawings throughout, 25x17,5 cm

From the introduction

The Thesprotia Expedition was scheduled originally in 2003 to last for five years. With additional funding from the Academy of Finland, field work was continued for another two years, thus covering a total of seven years. The last field season and archive study season was conducted in 2010 and the focus of the project is now directed towards studying the remaining categories of finds and publishing the results of the project. The final publication of the project will appear in three volumes, of which the first was published in 2009. This volume is the second in the final publication series.



Björn Forsén, ‘The Emerging Settlement Patterns of the Kokytos Valley’ [1-37]

Sjoerd J. Kluiving, Myrsini Gkouma, Jan Graven & Inge De Kort, ‘Multi-proxy Analysis of Lake Sediments in Thesprotia and Its Implications for the Palaeoclimatic History’ [39-55]

Ruben Lelivelt, ‘A Lithological Analysis of Holocene Lake Sediments in the Kalodiki Fen’ [57-71]

Björn Forsén, Jeannette Forsén, Kassiani Lazari & Esko Tikkala, ‘Catalogue of Sites in the Central Kokytos Valley’ [73-122]

Christina Papoulia, ‘Mikro Karvounari in Context: The New Lithic Collection and Its Implications for Middle Palaeolithic Hunting Activities’ [123-158]

Stefanos Ligkovanlis, ‘Megalo Karvounari Revisited’ [159-180]

Tommi Turmo, ‘The Sevasto House: Architecture and Finds’ [181-201]

Mikko Suha, ‘Further Observations on the Hellenistic Fortifications in the Kokytos Valley’ [203-224]

Asterios Aidonis, ‘Hellenistic Cremation Burial Practices: An Anthropological Study of Thesprotian Graves’ [225-245]

Björn Forsén & Paul Reynolds, ‘An Early Closed Deposit at the Roman Villa of Agios Donatos’ [247-267]

Janne Ikäheimo, ‘Italian Sigillata from Agios Donatos’ [269-281]

Jeanette Lindblom, ‘Glass from Agios Donatos’ [283-295]

Vivi Deckwirth, ‘A Tower of Meals: Trenches A and F of Agios Donatos’ [297-309]

Tuukka Talvio, ‘The Coin Finds’ [311-317]

Jeannette Forsén, Paul Reynolds & Anna Patteri, ‘The Middle to Late Roman Find Assemblage from Darda’ [319-331]

Mika Hakkarainen, ‘“Vittoria dei veneziani sui Turchi in Albania”. History of an Event’ [333-345]

Evangelia Balta, Mustafa Oğuz & Filiz Yaşar, ‘The Ethnic and Religious Composition of Ottoman Thesprotia in the Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries’ [347-389]

List of Contributors [391]


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