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1 November 2018

Troy VI Middle, VI Late and VII. The Mycenaean Pottery

P. A. Mountjoy

Troy VI Middle, VI Late and VII. The Mycenaean Pottery

City: Bonn

Year: 2017

Publisher: Dr. Rudolf GmbH

Series: Studia Troica, Monographien 9

Description: Hardback, 464 p., numerous b/w tables, 175 b/w figures, 30 x 21 cm.


The Mycenaean pottery from the excavations of M. Korfmann is presented in detail. It is discussed by excavated area starting with the areas on the mound; this is followed by that from the buildings round the base of the mound, then by that from buildings in the central Lower Town; it concludes with the material from the Fortification Ditch. Within each area the pottery is presented stratigraphically. In order to give a complete overview the pottery from the Blegen excavations is also considered. Both Blegen’s stratigraphy and the Mycenaean pottery he excavated complement the Korfmann material. Therefore, three earlier articles by the author re-examining the Blegen stratigraphy and pottery are included in the present publication to fill out the picture; the whole material from both sets of excavations is then discussed together in an extensive overview. The relationship of the Trojan pottery to that of the East Aegean-West Anatolian Interface is also considered.


Acknowledgements [9]

Abbreviations [9]

Bibliographic Abbreviations [9]

List of Figures [10-13]

Preface [14-15]
Introduction [17-21]

The Blegen Excavations [23-138]

Korfmann Excavations [139-351]

Overview of the Pottery [353-458]

Bibliography [459-464]


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