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14 February 2014

Vasilikos Valley Project. Part 12. The Field Survey of the Vasilikos Valley III. Human Settlement in the Vasilikos Valley

Ian A. Todd

Vasilikos Valley Project. Part 12. The Field Survey of the Vasilikos Valley III. Human Settlement in the Vasilikos Valley

City: Uppsala

Year: 2013

Publisher: Åströms Förlag

Series: Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology 71:12

Description: Hardback, 252 p., 19 figures, 2 tables, 3 colour plates, 68 b/w plates, 30x21.5 cm

From the preface

This volume is the twelfth report in the series of final publications of the excavations and studies of the Vasilikos Valley Project in the Larnaca District adjacent to the southern coast of Cyprus. The volume is the second of three devoted to the field survey, and contains an analysis of the settlement pattern revealed by the survey, and an examination of structures of all types found by the fieldwork. The background to the survey and details of all the sites were provided in the ninth report (WP 9). The tenth report (WP 10) will cover artifacts recovered from the various sites. Other volumes in the series, some already published and several still being completed, cover the excavations at the Aceramic and Ceramic Neolithic/Chalcolithic site of Kalavasos-Tenta (WP 6-7), the Chalcolithic site of Kalavasos-Ayious (WP 8), the Bronze Age cemetery in Kalavasos village (WP 1 and WP 11) and the excavations at Late Bronze Age Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios (WP 2-5).

As outlined in the first volume of this report, it was originally hoped that the field survey would cover every area of the Vasilikos valley, but it soon became apparent that a sampling procedure had to be adopted. The number of sites of different periods was much greater than originally anticipated, and sufficient project staff were not available for the coverage initially foreseen. A transect sampling system was adopted in 1979 and this was retained until the end of the survey, by which time the terrain as far north as the Kalavasos dam had been covered.

The human settlement of the valley is the focus of the present third volume of the field survey report. Many activities such as mining and comparatively modern usage of the valley (including railways) are summarized in Chapters 2 and 3, and an analysis of settlement in the various periods is provided in Chapter 4.


Table of Contents [vii]
List of Figures [xi]
List of Plates [xiii]
Contents of WP 9 and WP 10 [xxi]
Abbreviations [xxiii]
Chronological chart [xxv]
Preface [xxvii]
Acknowledgements [xxix]

1. The field survey [1]

1.1. Introduction [1]
1.2. The survey: methodology, problems and interpretation [2]

2. The valley: geography and economy [7]

2.1. Geography and environment [7]
2.2. Mining and metallurgy [15]
2.3. Other ancient industrial and agricultural activities [27]

3. Features encountered in the valley [35]

3.1. Sanctuary sites [35]
3.2. Other features encountered by the survey [37]
3.3. Environmental, ethnographic and social studies undertaken by the WP [71]

4. Settlement analysis [75]

4.1. Introduction [75]
4.2. Neolithic-Chalcolithic periods [77]
4.3. Early Bronze Age-Middle Bronze Age [86]
4.4. Late Bronze Age [92]
4.5. Iron Age [97]
4.6. Cypro-Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Late Roman periods [102]
4.7. Byzantine, Mediaeval and Colonial periods [108]
4.8. Summary [119]
4.9. Comparisons [122]
4.10. Conclusions [131]

Appendix I. Addenda and corrigenda to sites published in WP 9 [133]

1. Introduction [133]
2. Sites north of Kalavasos [134]
3. Kalavasos village and adjacent [140]
4. Sites south of Kalavasos [144]
5. Sites north of the survey area [149]

Appendix II. The Kaoukkos and Hadjicharalambous mills by Jonathan Mitchell [157]

1. Introduction [157]
2. The remains [157]
3. Variations in penstock design in response to differing physical conditions: a Cyprus/Turkey comparison [161]
4. Summary and conclusion [161]

Addenda [163]

1. Addenda to list of sites with Cyprus Survey numbers [163]
2. Addenda to Larnaca District Museum accession numbers [163]
3. Addenda to bibliography of the WP [163]

List of WP survey sites in numerical order [165]
List of WP survey sites in alphabetical order [167]

Bibliography [169]
Plates [185]


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