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Les techniques de fabrication de la vaisselle de pierre de Myrtos-Pyrgos

Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique 138.1 (2014): 329-360

The Minoan site of Myrtos-Pyrgos has produced a wide range of Proto- and Neopalarial objects (faience, pottery, stone vessels, sealstones, etc.) that demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship and also the exist¬ence of an elite to consume them.

Cutting the Gordian knot. The iconography of Megaron 2 at Gordion

Opuscula 8 (2015): 99-122

This article examines the incised drawings of Early Phrygian Gordion, and in particular those of Megaron 2. Aspects of their iconographic and archaeological contexts are taken in to consideration, as well as literary sources and especially the story of the Gordian knot.