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BOOKS | 2014

26 January 2015

ΑΘΥΡΜΑΤΑ: Critical Essays on the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean in Honour of E. Susan Sherratt

Edited by Yannis Galanakis, Toby Wilkinson & John Bennet

ΑΘΥΡΜΑΤΑ: Critical Essays on the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean in Honour of E. Susan Sherratt

City: Oxford

Year: 2014

Publisher: Archaeopress

Description: Paperback, 274 p., illustrated throughout in colour and b/w, 29,7x21 cm


Over her career Susan Sherratt has questioned our basic assumptions in many areas of the later prehistory of the Mediterranean and Europe, deploying a canny eye for detail, but never losing sight of the big picture. Her collected works include contributions on the relationship between Homeric epic and archaeology; the economy of ceramics, metals and other materials; the status of the ‘Sea Peoples’ and other ethnic terminologies; routes and different forms of interaction; and the history of museums/collecting (especially relating to Sir Arthur Evans).

The editors of this volume have brought together a cast of thirty-two scholars from nine different countries who have contributed these twenty-six papers to mark Sue’s 65th birthday – a collection that seeks to reflect both her broad range of interests and her ever-questioning approach to uncovering the realities of life in Europe and the Mediterranean in later prehistory.


List of Contributors [iii]

Yannis Galanakis, Toby Wilkinson & John Bennet, Introduction [1-5]

A selected list of publications by Sue Sherratt (as of autumn 2014) [6-10]

Michal Artzy & Jamie Quartermaine, How and when did Tel Akko get its unusual banana shape? [11-22]

Evanthia Baboula, The integration of gold resources in the Byzantine economy: an open question [23-30]

Alexander A. Bauer, The ‘Sea Peoples’ as an emergent phenomenon [31-39]

Cyprian Broodbank & Evangelia Kiriatzi, Pottery mobility, landscape survey and maritime activity: a view from Kythera [41-49]

William Cavanagh & Christopher Mee†, ‘In vino Veritas’: raising a toast at Mycenaean funerals [51-56]

Joost Crouwel, Geraki in Laconia in Late Helladic times [57-65]

Oliver Dickinson, How warlike were the Mycenaeans, in reality? [67-72]

Silvia Ferrara, Desecrating signs: ‘hieroglyphic’ writing systems and secondary script inventions [73-80]

Elizabeth French, Chronologies should carry a ‘use by’ date: the archaeological life history of the ‘Beth Shan Stirrup Jar’ [81-84]

Yannis Galanakis, Arthur Evans and the quest for the “origins of Mycenaean culture” [85-98]

Kate Harrell, Man/Woman, Warrior/Maiden: The Lefkandi Toumba female burial reconsidered [99-104]

Helen Hughes-Brock, The Waz-lily and the Priest’s Axe: can relief-beads tell us something? [105-116]

Maria Iacovou, ‘Working with the shadows’: in search of the myriad forms of social complexity [117-126]

Olga Krzyszkowska, James Saumarez Cameron: a forgotten collector of Cretan seals [127-134]

Katie Lantzas, The Post-Mycenaean dead: ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ [135-140]

Joseph Maran & Maria Kostoula, The spider’s web: innovation and society in the Early Helladic ‘Period of the Corridor Houses’ [141-158]

Simone Mühl, ‘Metal makes the wheel go round’: the development and diffusion of studded-tread wheels in the Ancient Near East and the Old World [159-176]

Tom Pape, Paul Halstead, John Bennet & Yannis Stangidis, “For it is written”: an experimental approach to the materiality and temporality of clay documents inscribed in Linear Β [177-185]

Lorenz Rahmstorf, A ‘wall bracket’ from Kandia in the Argolid: notes on the local character and function of an ‘east Mediterranean’ artefact of the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age [187-195]

Jeremy B. Rutter, Reading post-palatial Mycenaean iconography: some lessons from Lefkandi [197-205]

Philipp W. Stockhammer, Functions and meanings of Aegean-type pottery at Tel Beth-Shean [207-222]

Rik Vaessen, Ceramic developments in coastal Western Anatolia at the dawn of the Early Iron Age [223-232]

Michael Vickers, Beaker Folk in Thrace: a metrological footnote [233-236]

Peter Warren, Rosso antico marble and the faςade entablature of the Treasury of Atreus [237-246]

Todd Whitelaw, Feasts of clay? Ceramics and feasting at Early Minoan Myrtos: Fournou Korifi [247-259]

Toby C. Wilkinson, Dressing the house, dressing the pots: textile-inspired decoration in the late 3rd and 2nd millennia BC east Mediterranean [261-274]


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