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Crisis in context: the end of the Late Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean

American Journal of Archaeology 120.1 (January 2016): 99-149

Explanations for the Late Bronze Age crisis and collapse in the eastern Mediterranean are legion: migrations, predations by external forces, political struggles within dominant polities or system collapse among them, inequalities between centers and peripheries, climatic change and natural disasters, disease/plague.

Agrarian settlement at Politiko-Troulia, 2008

Επιστημονική Επετηρίς του τμήματος Αρχαιοτήτων Κύπρου (Report of the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus) 2010 [2012]: 183-198

Without abstract

Karlsruher Kykladika unter der Lupe. Zur Verbindung naturwissenschaftlicher Untersuchungen mit der Aufarbeitung des Erwerbs von Antiken ungewisser Provenienz

Athenische Mitteilungen 127/128 (2012/2013) [2015]: 1-46

The return of Early Cycladic objects from the collection of the Badisches Landesmuseum of Karlsruhe resulted from the acknowledgment that the museum’s problematic former acquisitions policy needed to be revisited.

Adornment, ritual and identity: Inscribed Minoan jewellery

The Annual of the British School at Athens 110 (2015): 51-70

In this paper, we re-examine inscribed items of Minoan jewellery in the light of the increasing number of studies on ancient eastern Mediterranean jewellery and its meanings.

‘…daß es keinen so gelehrten und tüchtigen Mann gibt als Sie’: The Heinrich Schliemann-Wilhelm Dörpfeld correspondance, 1879-1890

Mitteleilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts. Athenische Mitteilungen 125 (2010) [2013]: 257-308

Previous studies of the relationship between Wilhelm Dörpfeld and Heinrich Schliemann, as well as the influence each exerted upon the other, have been based largely on the editions of Ernst Meyer (Briefwechsel II has only seven letters by Dörpfeld and eight from Schliemann), remarks contained in the Herrmann - Maaß edition of the Schliemann -Virchow correspondence, and some letters by Dörpfeld to his father-in-law Friedrich Adler (Archives, DAI Berlin).

Der ‘Heilige Baum’ und Kultkontinuität im Heraion von Samos

Mitteleilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts. Athenische Mitteilungen 125 (2010) [2013]: 99-117

In 2009, the so-called Sacred Tree at the Samian Heraion - a cult tree marking the Bronze Age origin of the sanctuary according to Η. Walter, a tree grown fortuitously in Archaic times according to H. Kienast - was excavated for a third time.